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#RamCleanCorporate Freshen stuffed animals.

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#RamCleanCorporate Freshen stuffed animals.



Stuffed animals are popular with kids of all ages, so it is important to know how to properly clean them. Make sure to always read the label so it won’t get ruined or fall apart. Use soaps that are safe for both the material and your health. Always make sure both the inside and outside are dry to prevent mildew.

Make sure that you’re able to machine wash your stuffed animal. Read the label of the animal to ensure that you are able to wash it in your machine. You won’t be able to machine a stuffed animal if:

  • Your stuffed animal comes with a music box inside.
  • It’s very old, fur or limbs are falling apart, or it’s fragile to hold.
  • There are items that have been glued on like plastic eyes, legs, arms, ears, or sequins.
  • The animal is wearing delicate clothing that is sewn permanently on and can’t be removed like a glittery dress or an easily broken crown.
  • The animal is stuffed with small foam balls instead of batting.

Find out what type of machine you have. Stuffed animals are best washed in a machine that does not have an agitator. Machines with an agitator tend to ball up the animal because the agitator displaces the batting.

  • Instead of using a top loading machine, you could take a large load of laundry to a laundromat and wash your stuffed animal with that load.
Place your animal in a mesh bag. A mesh laundry bag can be purchased at your local dollar store, fabric store, or laundromat. It gives added protection from snagging and jostling by your machine.
Use the gentle or delicate cycle. Even a normal cycle may be too vigorous for your stuffed animal so always wash in gentle or delicate to be safe. Use warm or cool water. Avoid using hot water because it may dissolve any glue causing pieces to fall off.