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Construction Cleaning

Construction Cleaning

You are only as good as your final product, and our job is to make you look your very best at all times.

We offer a trusted and reliable cleaning staff, experienced in observing the ultimate details that make every project a success. We understand and respect deadlines and the contractors’ needs of a quick and thorough cleaning service to walk right in when the job is done so it can be turned over to the client without delays.

Our construction cleaning service includes a rough clean, a final clean, and one last bump out to be completed after the owner walks through. The program will be tailored to your particular requirements and may include some or all the tasks described in the following scope of work.

  • Sweep all floor areas and clean stains and marks from marble or  tile surfaces.
  • Clean interior and exterior windows and door glass surfaces, including frames, tracks, and windowpanes of paint, drywall, glue, concrete or stucco, always being careful not to scratch glass or frames.
  • Bathroom cleaning including sinks, bathtubs, showers, cabinets, drawers, counter, mirrors, tile floors and walls, plumbing trims, and removing all construction debris.
  • Clean all countertops, cabinet faces and drawers, baseboards, windowsills, doors, and wall surfaces, including top of doors, doors hinges, knobs, locksets, and thresholds.
  • Remove all remaining blocking and taping material from appliances, and collect all warranty and information manuals being stored in an area predetermined by the superintendent.
  • All electrical fixtures, exposed light bulbs will be cleaned and free from dust and paint.
  • All air conditioning returns will be vacuumed and wiped clean, as well as platforms and closets.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Clean all interior and exterior windows with railings  and door glass surfaces.
  • Clean all mirrors.
  • Clean all bathrooms and kitchen fixtures and fittings including plumbing and lighting fixtures.
  • Clean all bathroom’s tile and marble flooring.

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