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Tis the #HolidaySeason with our #CleaningTips Ram Clean Corporate

Carlos Ramirez      -

Tis the #HolidaySeason with our #CleaningTips Ram Clean Corporate

The couch is a dirt magnet in houses. It doesn’t help that the couch is made of microfiber.

So in order to keep it looking sparkly clean, use one ingredient and three tools. The first tool is a vacuum cleaner. Simply pull the pillow pieces off the couch and vacuum underneath. It never fails, kids almost always find something they have been “missing” for a few weeks when doing this.

Next, take alcohol, a white sponge, and a spray bottle for the stain and yuck removal. It’s really simple, just pour the alcohol into the spray bottle and spray on the area that needs to be cleaned. Once you have sprayed it, rub the spot with the sponge. You will see the dirt coming out onto your sponge!

Let it sit for a little while before you place it back on the couch, now clean and dry.

Wa-la! No more dirt.

If you are worried about your microfiber not being fluffy enough after the process, simply take a bristle brush and rub it in circles.